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Leadership Development

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Most of us believe in goals and measures. The challenge for leadership development is how do you measure something that seems so intangible as leadership?

There is a measure that does this. It is called The Leadership Circle. It is a 360 questionnaire. The model it uses comes from an integration of the leading theories of leadership and human development. This is described in Mastering Leadership by Robert Anderson and William Adams.

How well does the model measure leadership and organizational effectiveness in the real world?

The questionnaire was refined through research which improved the correlations between the scores of participating leaders with the actual performance of their companies. The results were amazing. Simply put, those with higher scores had better performing companies and those with the highest scores outperformed those with medium scores ten to one.

The circle itself is a visual that shows the strength of scores on each of the dimensions and the differences between the “participants” self-perception and how he or she is perceived by the evaluators. Thus, it measures where the participant ranks in relation to others in the growing data base and identifies his or her blind spots.

This is the platform I use to help leaders develop themselves. if you think a simple MBA approach will work here you are wrong. Real change involves considering the inner game (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and values) as well as the outer game (more tangible initiatives for making improvement). Great leaders must recognize which of the habits that got them where they are no longer work for guiding an enterprise. That is the challenge of leadership.

This is an important part of the Easter Shore Vistage Group experience.

It is available to others who would like the to embrace the challenges of self-discovery and growth to gain a more satisfying life and better performance in the organizations they lead.

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.”
– Warren Bennis