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Eastern Shore Vistage

eastern shore vistage group

Nothing is more important to the success of your company than the leadership you provide.  Yet, few of us have the time to devote to our own leadership development.

The Eastern Shore Vistage group is about developing leadership.  Our members join because they want to reach out for support and are committed to becoming better leaders!  We welcome the perspective, insight and support we get from each other—emotional support coupled with direct, unbiased and constructive feedback.  The topics confidentially discussed are business issues, but extend to each other’s personal life and health.  Our members enjoy helping others and appreciate the clarity they feel once an issue is processed by the group.

Some of our meetings are daylong and feature a speaker who give a state of the art presentation on an important issue.  The other meetings are half days.  All sessions give priority to the essential part of the Vistage experience; a half-day devoted to helping each other with the issues our members bring to the group.

I visit each member once a month to keep important issues front of mind and provide coaching.  This is an uninterrupted 90 minutes to two hours were the member can confidentially discuss any challenges now or on the horizon and receive coaching that helps with the issue or prepares the person to get help from the group at the next meeting.

Vistage International also provides forums, webinars and network groups that provide additional value and resources.

Learn about Eastern Shore Vistage and our parent group, Vistage International by clicking the links.

“Effective leaders outperform ineffective leaders EVERY TIME.”