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harvey-wigderI believe that business owners and executives in privately held companies on the Eastern Shore have an opportunity that corporate executives do not have.  They have the freedom to set the course of their companies and achieve the goals most meaningful to them.

My mission is to help them identify and achieve those goals.

I challenge assumptions about business practices.  I encourage the examination of leadership behavior and stoke the desire to seek improvement.

I believe that most of have internal drivers that lead to success and emotional baggage or blind spots that work against us and eventually limit what we can achieve. I help my clients get in touch with these limiting factors so they can remove them and reach a higher level of being and accomplishment.

Professional Resume


  • Founder of Fulcrum Transitions Inc., providing executive search, exit planning and family business advisory services for owner operated companies.
  • Former President of Fulcrum Executive Search with search and recruiting services targeted to the needs of owner and family operated companies. Innovator who tailored search methods to the needs of owner managed companies.
  • Vice President of Management Development for American Express International Bank. Vice President of Personnel for Cahners Publishing Company, Director of Personnel for Colonial Penn Insurance Company, and Personnel Relations Manager at Chase Manhattan Bank.


  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Chicago.
  • Bachelor of Science from Temple University.
  • Certified as a family business consultant, personal transitions planner, Senior Birkman Method Advisor and  Leadership Circle Profile Consultant.

Boards and Organizations

  • Founding President of the Philadelphia Exit Planning Exchange.
  • Former president of the Society of Professional Consultants
  • Board member of Boston Family Firm Institute.
  • President of local and community organizations.

“Leaders don’t create followers; they create MORE LEADERS”
-Tom Peters